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The blackberry is considered ideal antidiabetic and antihypertensive. The fruits of cloudberry contain many vitamins and ladies A, B, C, a volatile essential oil and a substance present in many syrups for coughs and sore throats. Is excellent remedy for anemia, diarrhea, pharyngitis, laryngitis, gingivitis and helps respiratory infections.

Externally it is effective in skin (acne, lichens, eczema) and abscesses.

Properties and applications

Blackberries, the red sour fruits are beyond pleasant and refreshing taste and extraordinary healing properties

Leaves the cloudberry is cementing, against anemia and diarrhea. Decoction their, helps to maintain body weight. Thought to contribute to the improvement of mental status.
It is also contemplated that a catalyst on glands.
Leaves the cloudberry used in egchyma to combat internal hemorrhages , dysentery and diarrhea.

Tea cloudberry

The decoction of blackberry leaves ( cooked , with a little honey or vinegar ), used in gargles against sore throats , the pharyngitis , for thrush and gingivitis.

Also sometimes to accelerate healing of wounds , and against diarrhea , hematuria , albuminuria , hemorrhoids etc. . while believed to facilitate the birth of pregnant ,1 cup a day by the 6 the month.

The same infusion is galaktagogo.
By their fruits produced wine and vinegar , by distillation is a very good raki.
The Dioscorides recommend chewing of leaves for the attachment of the gums and poultices for genital warts and haemorrhoids . Also , recommended for the above and the porridge of the squeezed leaves or fruit , thickened sun , while belly and stomach diseases recommends porridge fruit .
Raspberry leaf decoction is used for gargles , syrup and antianginal .


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Syrup from raspberries

The syrup is made by 80 g , decoction of leaves and 20 g . fruit syrup . For the syrup boil blueberries juice of blueberries with double weight , sugar until syrup .

3-4 tablespoons a day of this syrup , the result for dysentery. The syrup of the fruit is excellent against diarrhea , especially in children .

For the diabetes mellitus do leaf egchyma 100 g . in 3 kg water and drink in two days .

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