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Repent lanceolata

PENTAS-LANCEOLATA.jpgThis beautiful plant originates from the Middle East, tropical Africa and Madagascar. It is esteemed as a garden plant, particularly in tropical areas. Name five refers to the five spokes asteroschimon Flower. The nice ones asterisks are arranged in inflorescences of 10-30 tubular flowers and bloom in shades of pink, white and red. Oval, pale green leaves are fluffy and relatively large.

The five needs a brighter place, without much sun, but with moisture, clean air and heat in the summer and cooler in winter (10-15 °C). Wants moderate watering with soft, hot water during growth. Be careful not to stagnate water in the saucer. Hard water and the humidity of the base may cause yellowing of leaves. . In summer take light fertilizer every 2 weeks. Transplant the five spring. Frequent pruning, helps the plant blooms.

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