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Also known as mpoyxoys or Tsimisiri

BUXUS_SEMPERVIRENS.jpgBoxwood home is Central Europe, the N. Africa and the Caucasus. Until a few years ago it served mainly for planting in clusters, as a separator. But today is used as a plant pot and often on the porch or in front of the entrance of the House. It is Evergreen and relatively durable, withstand Frost and is pleased, wherever you place. The spring lipanete the once long-lasting fertilizer. Dislikes moisture to the roots of. Therefore wants moderate watering, but don't let him out to dry. To maintain the nice compact shape of, You must regularly Snip, best in August. Prune the larger plants up and 30 cm, to fly new twigs. Multiply the length by imixilopoiimena summer cuttings 10 cm. about.
The pyxos threatened often from it fungus puccinia buxi, where appears when it autumn with the form dark brown spots. In case This should to cut and to destroy infected leaves.

Species and varieties

Buxus_microphylla.jpgThe Buxus microphylla hails from Japan

BUXUS_arborescens.jpgBuxus arborescens,

While there are many varieties, as Hand-worthiensisl, Elegantissimal, Suffruticosal, Glauca, Argento variegata, Aureo variegata

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