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Fatsia japonica

The Japanese Fatsia

FATSIA-JAPONICA.jpgIs evergreen, dense shrub and belongs to family of araliidwn. He comes from Japan and reaches the 2 m. height. The name means in Japanese to eight, After the shiny palmate leaves with deep notches have 7-9 lobes. The width can reach and the 40 cm. From small, white blossoms come out blue-black round fruit. The aralia prefers one part bright to shady, without Sun and dew throughout the year. Wants moderate watering, that will limit depending on temperatures. Summer wants oiling everyday. Flowerpot will change in spring, but only if the roots have filled pot. Multiplication is grafted, seed or grafting.

FATSIA-JAPONICA1.jpgThe varieties Variegata and Albomarginata have multicolored leaves. The Reticulata NET designs and Maserie It is stocky with larger leaves.

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