Efformpia or spurge

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Euphorbia.jpgThe group comprises species efforviidon bushy, cacti and succulents. Their common feature the poisonous juice, which irritates the skin and mucous, and flowers with colored bracts. The position will place the eformpia should be sunny, bright and warm, with a little cooler in the winter. Summer can go out, in a secure location. No problem with the dry atmosphere. Wants moderate watering, winter less. It is preferable to irrigate the pot. Each 2 take weeks of little fertilizer for cacti. They want special soil for cacti. Cut the plant in the spring and use the cut parts as cuttings, after you leave the stab incision to dry.

Euphorbia-milii.jpgEuphorbia milii, known as thorn Christou.Einai resistant shrub from Madagascar with strange shape and dense spines. Blooms all year, has floral stems with red, white, yellow or salmon-pink bracts. She needs one month rest after flowering. Change pot spring. Metapsytepste in the sandy mixture, each 1-2 years seedlings and each 3-4 the oldest.

Euphorbia_tirucalli.jpgEuphorbia tirucalli has rich, bushy growth, thin as pencils branches.

Euphorbia--trigona.jpgEuphorbia trigona shaped candlestick with triangular stems.

Euphorbia-obesa.jpgEuphorbia obese almost spherical.

Euphorbia-caputmedusae.jpgEuphorbia caputmedusae with fidoeidi development, Pendent-branched varieties or creeping.

Euphorbia-grandicornis.jpgEuphorbia grandicornis with long spines up 7 cm.

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