Achilles (The chiliofyllos Yarrow)

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Anikei in the family compound (Asteraceae) and he comes from Europe. It is an aromatic plant with gkrizoprasina, plucked leaves and blossoms in shades that color varies from white to pink.

History and myths about Achilles


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Plant prophetic qualities, was used in Scotland as an amulet. Have been attributed forces against evil spirits and for this reason the old hid in churches. The girls thought the magical properties and put under the pillow to dream of true love.

According to mythology, Achilles during the Trojan war peripoiotan the wounds of soldiers of the Achilles. Similarly, the Anglo-Saxons heal the wounds inflicted by iron. It is no surprise that Achilles is also called "the herb of soldiers'. The rumor that the action can cure everything spread to the point that, the centuries, was used in different preparations intended for the treatment of lung cancer and diabetes to treat heavy colds. Also, they used to inhale dust from nose to induce nosebleed – undoubtedly another method of bleeding. End, Swedes add it to beer for stimulatory purposes.

Properties of Achilles

Antiphlogistic, antiseptic, anticonvulsant, astringent, bile, diuretic, expectorant, antipyretic, stimulatory, tonic. Ypotasiko and diaphoretic acts effectively as a febrifuge. Being from the best herbal efidrwtika and helps the body cope in fever. Lowers blood pressure by causing dilation of peripheral vascular.

Active ingredients

Main active ingredients are the Borneol (alcohol), Cineole (ketone), Azulene, Limonene and Pinene (terpenes). Beyond the basic active substances, isolated from the Achilles at around forty (40) chemicals. According to these chemical ingredients, We can understand the Great healing properties of Achilles:

achillea-millefoliumThe essential oil of, which has blue color, contains the azoylini to 51% which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Contained in the essential oil of Borneol, terpineoli, linalool, savinenio, chamazoylenio that is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy, the known camphor, sineoli, isoartemisia ketone and traces thoyxonis.
Achilles also contains seskiterpenikes lactones, which are the millefolidi and acetyl balchanolidi which is bitter and energizers, Flavonoids which is responsible for its antispasmodic action of Achilles, polyaketylenia, triterpenes, vegetable dyes, which broaden the regional arteries and contribute to dissolving clots. Still contains tannins, that have healing properties, coumarins, Saponins, sterols, an acidic glykoalkaloeides the achileini, which gives the characteristic bitter taste in Achilles, reduces hypertension and stop the bleeding and is antioxidant essence, cyanidin, which affects the nerves of the internal organs and slowing the heartbeat.

End, contains amino acids, acids such as salicylic acid, sugars like glucose, sucrose, mannitol, Vitamin C and k, kineoli, proazoyleni, astringent substances, Kopal and salts.

The essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the flowers of the plant and is a dark green-blue liquid with fresh cool, sweet but astringent odor with a slightly bitter taste.

Indications for Achilles

The Achilles is used variously:

  • A hot decoction induces healing sweat that cools the fever and removes toxins.
  • Used fresh as a poultice for healing of wounds. Baths with chiliofyllo recommended mainly in case of arthritis, rheumatic, hemorrhoids and as complementary treatment with tea in case of discomfort during menstruation.
  • Fresh chopped the chiliofylloy shoots are eaten as well in the form of salad.

For indoor use egchyma or better recommend the decoction of Achilles. Details:


Can healing be slow but is confident especially when it comes to inflammatory wounds, cuts, chapped hands and sores. The astringent properties of the balance oily skin. It is also known as a tonic and conditioner for the scalp. She also attributed to a stimulatory effect on hair growth and possibly facing hair loss and even baldness.


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Healthy plant, such as chamomile, and appetizer, the yarrow yet tonic, while recommended and gas bowel. It is very good diaphoretic and antipyretic while pouring blood pressure and dissolves clots. It's good for all hemostatic bleeding and inflammatory. Even, is stimulant, diuretic and antirheumatic generally the sluggishness. Also, is beneficial in colitis and gastric disorders, beneficial in the case of fermentation and constipation , good for the liver and gall bladder , tonic to kidney function and heart, regulatory period, healing and the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.


May aid in times of mild depression.


Generally if empowering acts directly on bone marrow and stimulates the renewal of blood. Invigorating the vasculature, improves circulatory disorders such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Outstanding oil on the female reproductive system since there are indications hormone action. Faces disorderly menstruation, severe menstruation, menopausal problems, ovarian inflammation, uterine prolapse and fibromas. It stimulates the secretion of gastric and intestinal glands and improves indigestion. Neurological aspect of balance digestion, improving the absorption of food and digestive secretions, helper colic and flatulence. Also, stimulates the secretion of bile aiding in the digestion of fats and appetizing. The astringent properties also help in limiting diarrhea. Helps with feverish colds and congestion. Promotes sweating stimulating glands and causing cleaning and refreshing action. Said to have balancing effect on diuresis, useful both for the infection and for urinary incontinence. The analgesic properties can be useful in backache, rheumatic pains and headaches. End, said repelling mosquitoes.


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Recommended against archomenoy diabetes.

Contributes to the setting of the system of glands, kalyterefontas operation, contributes in maintaining the normal body weight, are the pains of the stomach, especially those who are nervous nature, against leucorrhoea, beneficial to the heart and mental functioning.

The cineol contains antiseptic, expectorant, anthelmintic and digestive proazouleni effective anticonvulsant , astringent and bitter.

Side Effects

Herb is generally well tolerated without side effects at the recommended dosage. Extended use can cause headaches and irritation or specks on sensitive skin.

Precautions in using Achilles

Strong enough and therefore PROHIBITED during pregnancy.

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