Herb kapsela

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Botanical name: Capsella bursa - pastoris

capsela_bursa.jpgKapsella the pockets of poimenos

Common names: Kapsella, Agriokardamoyda. It belongs to the family of Crucifer(Cruciferae)

Description: Is small in size plant, with a height of 10 to 50 cm. It is usually biennial plant: the first time forming a robaka with leaves at the base of the tip and the second time. Its leaves are hairy, with varied shape. The flowers are white with a width 3-4 mm and have 4 petalla. The fruit is makroyloi, kardioschimoi and located in the bunch that has length 6-9 mm. It flowers and bears fruit throughout the year.
Parts used: The blooming plant dried.
It is one of the most common weeds that we find everywhere. Collect all year round and is dried in the shade at a temperature 30-45°C.
Ingredients and Action: Contains choline and other amines. It is a vasoconstrictor and is used as a Haemostatic for certain parts of the body, highly regulates uterine contraction but the action is too weak.

Using the herb: Drop 1 liter of water, cold, in 1-2 tablespoons of the plant, the boil and leave it. It is mainly used for reducing emminorois. The healing begins 8 days before emminoroi. The action of the other haemorrhages (the nose, the stomach) is uncertain.