Herb amaranth

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sedum.jpgBotanical name: Sedum telephium, The Sedon Tilefion. belongs to family of Krasoylidwn (Crassulaceae)
It is a perennial plant, reaches the 60 cm height, with goggylwdi tuberous root. The stem is straight, simple or rarely diakladismeno, It has blue-green or reddish. The leaves are rather, with a length of 6 cm oval, fleshy, When parts or whole toothed. The flowers are arranged in composite blinds, are white, yellow green, kokkinokitrina or pink. It blooms from June to September.
Parts used: Usually the fresh leaves are rarely dried whole plant.
Occurs in dry sunny areas, in rocks, walls, bushes, in Northern and Central Europe. Collected when it is blown and dried in the Sun.
Ingredients and Action: The ingredients are a little known. Contains tannins and herbal paste. Fresh or wilted plants cause reddening of the skin. The supposed diuretic action is uncertain.
Use: The crushed leaves applied as a poultice on wounds to enhance their treatment.

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