Herb sedon (petrochorto)

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sedum_acre.jpgBotanical name: Sedum acre, Sedon severe. It belongs to the family Krasoylides (Crassulaceae)
Description: It is a perennial plant with a height 5 to 15 cm. The leaves are small (3-4 mm) sessile, cylindrical, fleshy with astringent flavor. At the top is inflorescence with yellow flowers, which have 5 Sepals and 5 petals. It blooms from May to August..
Parts used:
Whole plant fresh or dried. It seems to be more effective when they begin to wilt the leaves of.
Occurs in dry sunny areas, in walls, rocks, roofs, at the edges of roads, on stony and sandy areas.
Ingredients and Action: The active components are not completely known. Contains alkaloids that cause light flushing followed by strong sleepiness, also expand the daughter of eye and lower blood pressure. The ground fresh leaves cause reddening of the skin. In large doses the plant causing headache, nausea and light sedation. Considered poison.
Use: Usually used the plant pounded. Applied to sores, for healing and for the treatment of kreatoeliwn and kallwn. This action is questionable. Is not taken internally.

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