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Alternative treatments with herbs.

In phyto.gr will find all known natural herbal remedies that will help you deal with diseases in a natural way, also plants list, herbs and most important essential oils. This page contains a list of all the diseases. Click on any of those to see the corresponding known herbal alternative treatments.

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We are trying to collect all information about traditional uses of plants, specifically all known therapeutic properties of herbs.

An ancient knowledge that verbally passed from generation to generation for ages, but tends to get lost nowadays. If you can fill in any details about a particular plant or essential oil, please leave a reply on a corresponding article, mentioning all that you deem useful. Fill in what you know and we will publish it ASAP. So, in a collective manner, with the contribution of all visitors, we can maintain some of the knowledge and spread to younger generations.
Alternatively, you can email us with photos, at info@phyto.gr - Large part of multilingual content is based in automatic software translations. PLEASE DO CONTACT US in case you can help with refining translation in your language. - Any help is VALUABLE. Thank you.
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