Eritrea (cornflowers)

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Erythraea photo: John Tann

The cornflowers belongs to the family Gentianodon (Gentianaceae), by common name Eritrea, thermochorto, wild china, rigochorto. Eritrea (Erythreaea centaurium) Eritrea is small or cornflowers, annual or biennial herb . The stalk growing up 30 cm , branched quite on top is flanked by a small tuft, leaf. Numerous pink or red flowers resulting in a final top rosette . Prefers the moist , shadowed , curbs and grasslands. The leaves are opposite . Stems and leaves are hairless .

Healing properties Eritrea

ERITREA (cornflowers): Appetizing (appetizer), Digestive, helps to jaundice, Fever, Liver.

Parts used:

Centaurium-erythraea 2

Photo: Ferdinand Turmo Gort

Used all parts of the plant except the rooting, the anthizonta and aerial parts of the plant, leaves , the stalks and flowers ( herba centaurii ).

Their collection should be done Ideally in July, at full flowering plant, to dry up immediately to dry, shady and cool place and folded into cards, to keep with this way the paint and their properties.

Can of course be collected throughout the flowering period, from June to August, Ideally though collected in July for the maximum concentration of substances in parts of the herb.

Properties and uses kentayrioy:

Eritrea has a bitter taste and tonic , appetizing , cholairetiki and digestive. Discovered before the quinine, Eritrea was a key antipyretic. It is even cleaner gas Belly, antianemic, ascorbic and very effective for heartburn.

The bitter action stimulates digestive secretions . The secretion of gastric juice increases the grass just acting on the mucous membranes of the mouth .

It also stimulates the sympathetic system and circulation , and has a stimulating effect on blood circulation .

Europe, Eritrea used in anemia and in diseases of the liver and gallbladder. It is a mild laxative when taken after meals, is an excellent remedy for heartburn .

Like many bitter tonics, It is effective in fever reduction and has been used as a substitute for quinine in the successful past. The investigation has shown that this effect is due in part to the acidic phenolic constituents.
The German botanist S. Kneipp recommended Eritrea melancholy while in Egypt used against hypertension and kidney stone.

Has been used as anthelmintic, and when the unaccented of arthritis and back pain belly, arthritic, rheumatism and gout.


Photo: José María Escolano

Eritrea finally used for diseases of the liver and gallbladder .

Side effects of using kentayrioy:

Should avoid large doses because they cause unpleasant results (stomachaches, vomiting and diarrhea).

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