Rheo – Rhoeo spathacea

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Rhoeo_spathaceaThe reo originates from the tropical regions of Central America.

She has long lanceolate leaves, that reach 30 cm. length. The upper side is the olive green and down the dark red or purple.

The plant with time forms a short trunk, while forming rosette leaves. In the axils of lower leaves appear bracts, among which appear small white flowers.

Cultivation requirements reo:

The reo needs and room temperature half-shady place. Summer wants a lot of moisture, therefore wants frequent watering, so that the soil remains constantly wet. Use soft water at room temperature. It is useful especially in the winter to watered with water that is not cold also period of growth. (March through August) wants fertilizer every week.

In winter watering should be limited.
The leaves should be sprayed regularly and if necessary spring, Repotting.

Multiplication of reo:

The reo multiplied easily with seeds, suckers or tops.

CAUTION: The reo is slightly toxic to humans and animals if eaten. Precautions are needed especially for cases where there are allergies, so and recommended its cultivation.

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