Bougainvillea (bougainvillea)

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Photo: Marcel Jermain

The bougainvillea is a beautiful Creeper, an integral element of the Greek cycladic Island landscape. Comes from South America and, in particular, comes from Brazil. Includes twelve (12) varieties that are natives of South America and owes its name to the Navigator Mpoygkenbil, they first crossed the Pacific Ocean. Belongs to family of nyktaiginidwn (class karyofyllwdi). It blooms from mid-spring to early autumn and. First appear the leaves, Once the weather starts to warm in the spring and then, slowly begin to form and the buds. The impressively thin like paper bracts leaf shine in striking purple, Red, White, and orange hues and cover every three small white-yellow flowers. It has a very fast growth rate: Usually arrives in pot 2-3 measure, But if the plant outdoors will become easily the whole tree height greater than 4-5 measures. In favorable climates (warm, Sunny, South) reaches much greater heights and can climb up and over 10 measure!

Βουκαμβίλια στην Ελλάδα
Not affected by the salty sea,
is a plant suitable for seaside planting.
Grows ideal in the Greek Islands.

(Foto: M. Jermain)

Boykambilias species


Bougainvillea spectabilis:

It's kind of fast growth, Red, with thorns. Thrives in the open with a lot of Sun, inappropriate for interior space.

Photo: Ray Cui
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Bougainvillea glabra

Bougainvillea the booty. The most common variety in Greece with rich pink color. Planted in planter.

Photo: Mauricio Mercadante
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Is the white bougainvillea, rather unusual cultivation as an ornamental in Greece, but an unjustly and has excellent beauty.

Photo: Joseph Wong
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A grown bougainvillea which is colorful (usually with two color sheets in white-green or yellowish-green)

Photo: Jim Brodie
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Care and boykambilias care


Photo: F. Seiffert

It is frebe gorgeous, very hardy plant that needs minimal grooming. The bougainvillea need much sunlight, the location of the well for the summer should be sunny, warm and airy. Guard against the winds and rain. The winter is in need of a rest period in 8-10 C.

Ice in winter: If the weather conditions become particularly difficult in winter, chances are that it will freeze, pulled all cards and stay single dried twigs. Don't be in a hurry to dissapointed and especially not to prune! And if you think odd of these dried branches, especially the full-grown, sometime I'll jump up leaves and will begin the vegetation of the plant reopening. If you live in areas with intense Frost SPRAY, you the cold months to cover the bougainvillea with plastic to protect it from ice.

In the summer you can measure with water when water dries up the soil and add a little fertilizer every week for even richer blooming. In winter but decrease watering. (see. following: “Watering”) In March if necessary and prune the change of planter. Not to move unnecessarily.

It prefers soil rich in clay (Sandy, fluffy), but may be proved fits almost all territories in the Mediterranean climate of Greece.

Lubrication boykambilias

The bougainvillea has no special lubrication needs, Apart from an ordinary General fertilizer from late spring until autumn and especially for plants that are not on Earth but in planting pots and containers. You are using a phosphate fertilizer, sidiroy and magnesium.

CAUTION: Fertilize in soaked, moist soil, usually a day after watering and no water for a two days after.

When planted in garden soil can be enriched with compost (soil improver).

Pruning boykambilias

The March is the pruning period, as soon as you pass the big cold. The length of the branches in small plants it is advisable to cut roughly 1/4. Bougainvilleas with a great height, When it comes to climbing that can overcome the 10 measure, of course not their “koytsoyreyete” so when pruning, just clean the plant from completely dried twigs and dilute General branches of where needed, Since in reality neither pruning is necessary for its development. Pruning do mainly for reasons of shape, to give a streamlined shape towards a direction that we want. The branches of [mpoykambilias], over the years converted to wood for’ When the resting on some trellis to remember that you will not be able to move the branches of. Choose a location where the bougainvillea will be installed permanently and will grow, offering you beautiful flowers for many years.

βουκαμβίλια σε πέργολα

Pruning just need to arrange to shape.
With the help of pruning can get nice shapes,
When placed next to a trellis or wall so that it can be climbing.

Foto: T. Gerus

Plants that will prune too some year, may not bloom at all in the next flowering period.

Watering boykambilias


Photo: Lila Lucena Braga

The bougainvillea is quite resistant to dry conditions. The wrong perception of some that the bougainvillea is in need of a lot of water, is the reason for the not uncommon some plants while it is filled with lush foliage, to show very little to non-existent flowering, compared with other green leaves with difficulty …distinguished among the flowers.
The reason is just a lot of water. Especially in Bougainvilleas planted in pots that increased summer temperatures and air drying surface soil, but inside may still be wet, make sure that the soil in the pot is dry before you water it again and of course be sure to drain the water by placing ever-and for any plant- a layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot before the soil.

The potted bougainvillea

In homes away from the countryside, where there are no garden, the bougainvillea can be planted, to grow and live for years planted in planter (or another large planting container).

To take care of you don't have anything beyond what is listed here on this page in General for the bougainvillea. The main thing you must not forget is the basic requirement for much sunlight. Often the pots can be in shady spots, on balconies, terraces, imiipaithrioys, so there is no direct intense sunlight for many hours of the day. in such conditions the bougainvillea can neither develop nor to flower rich. So the katalilo point select based on aesthetic criteria (you want to grow and anarrichithei) but the plant's need for sunny point.

Transplanting potted boykambilias: Metafyteyete in March if they are to flower pot, good but it is not often changes part.

Multiply boykambilias


Photo: V. Pandiyan

The multiplication of about cuttings. Despite the rumors and the wrong posts to the contrary, the multiplication is not always easy. Cut from the plant a healthy graft (a sprig) with good development period of summer. Remove the leaves and the plant in sandy soil (fluffy). If sprout small green leaves multiplication succeeded, and you have a new plant. The metafyteyete next year in the location that will permanently host.

Diseases and problems

The plants affected by very difficult diseases and other pests do not constitute a particular problem for the development of. In the Greek countryside often Bougainvilleas with excellent growth without special care. The only problem you might face is the lack of sunshine that will not help her to flower and plant will seem like sick! Details, the problems that can occur are:

No blooms: Probably the part that is found to have a little light, not to good ventilation or watered frequently. Move the plant to a more airy and bright spot. If the soil is moist, It means that the water very. Stop watering until it dries the soil and then water the more sparsely.

Grows slowly: Maybe the soil does not drain well. Metafyteyste the plant in pot with good drainage material.

The new leaves are small: The plant needs lubrication.

The flowers and the leaves are falling and remain the colored leaves that look like flowers: Maybe the place has a lot of heat and drought. Spray and water the plant more regularly.

White soft spots on the leaves: Maybe it's mildew, Why excessive moisture environment and bad ventilation. Move the plant to a more airy space.

Yellowing leaves: Too much moisture. If the soil is moist, means that watered too. Stop watering until it dries the soil and then water the more sparsely.

Yellowing leaves with cobwebs on the bottom surface. Maybe someone microorganism (mites are usually). Buy and spray with insecticide.

Yellow spots on leaves, grainy: Remove with cotton dipped in alcohol. If you don't fix the problem buy and spray with insecticide.

White spots like cotton. Maybe some microbe (Pseydokokkos, Vamvakado. Remove with cotton dipped in alcohol. If you don't fix the problem buy and spray with insecticide.


Phoyo: M. Elnadi


Literally you are responsible for the formation of [mpoykambilias] as she grows.

It is you who will decide on the time you get the branches when climbing the.

After you choose whether you want to climb a wall or if you cover your balcony or both support the tender twigs of xylopoiithoyn points before those who wish.

With minimum care, will give you many years of impressive beauty in Garden decoration, the courtyard, your veranda.

Photos: © V. Pandiyan, J.Hastings, H.Jorgensen, HACEME images, L.gronkjaer, F.Seiffert

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