Diseases – problems Aral

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FATSIA-JAPONICA.jpgProblems – Confrontation

A. Aral Japanese (Fatsia japonica)

1. Faded leaves.

The plant needs lubrication

2. The leaves droop downwards.

Excessive moisture or drought. Check if the soil is dry or wet for you spot the aitia.Afinete the soil dry and potizetearaiotera in the first case and the opposite in the second.

3. Long shoots, weak with sparse leaf.

Excessive heat and bad ventilation. Transfer the plant in droserotero, well-ventilated area.

4. Entire ro plant bends down and   the leaves peak are black.

The plant has been destroyed by Frost. Can not be saved.

B. Elegkintisima Aralia

1. The leaves droop downwards.

Overwatering. Let the soil dry out and then dilute the waterings.

2. The leaves are falling.

Extreme heat or extreme cold and dry atmosphere. Spray the plant with water and check the temperature of space.

3. Slow growth and small new leaves.

The plant needs lubrication.

4. Leaves wilted to crush.

Excessive heat and drought. Spray the plant with Naro and bring it to a cooler place.

5. Leaves sticky, deformed, with green insects.

Aphids (aphids). Spray with special product.

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