Phoenix chamaintoria

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Chamaedorea elegans

CHAMAEDOREA-ELEGANS.jpgVery elegant Palm tree from the wet forests of the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala with beautiful pteromorfa cards. It is a dioecious plant (Suite. There are males and daughters plants) with yellowish anthika stems and fruits round pea-sized.
Need part bright, protected from the Sun. Summer keep at room temperature or take him out, for winter secure the temperature 15 °C about. To summer the water normally and just spray the leaves of. If you have heat, You can immerse in water. Pour a little fertilizer every 2 weeks. The winter change pot, but only if you have.

The multiplication is done with seeds.

Other species

Chamaedorea-metallica.jpgChamaedorea metallica that stays small

Chamaedorea-graminifolia.jpgChamaedoerea graminifolia with long, narrow leaves pteroschidi.