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Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Guni) is an evergreen tree 12-15 m. but which is also densely branched shrub like. The flowers are white eucalyptus, aromatismena.Ta new leaf bracts are pale green and old branches greyish-green. Used for beverage preparation with antipyretic properties but also aromatic baths. The use of, either as a decoction, either as the essential oil, has great healing properties, is mainly antiseptic, microbicides, disinfectant and helpful for the respiratory system.

Healing properties of eucalyptus

eucalyptus-in-medicineEucalyptus oil produced from eucalyptus has antiseptic action, spasmolytic, antipyretic.

The eucalyptus is thus used for inflammations of the respiratory, cough, sore throat, Asthma. Even stimulates the stomach, is appetizer and digestive.

Eucalyptus for outdoor use is disinfectant, aposmimtiko, insecticide, healing of wounds and ulcers, of minor burns and suppurate. The antibiotic properties make it useful for all respiratory infections, digestive and urinary systems. Is still anthelmintic, counteracts intestinal parasites, worms etc..

The leaves of eucalyptus have antibiotic properties and are used in all inflammatory diseases, by inhalation, and internally with infusions etc.

  • Antisiptiko, antibiotic and balm, valuable in many kinds of infections, but mainly urinary and malaria, typhus, measles, scarlet fever,
  • The eucalyptus is particularly useful for infections of the respiratory: Soothes cough (making fluids phlegm) and bronchitis (acute and chronic), Purse nH, tuberculosis, asthma, sore throat.
  • Has hypoglycemic action for’ this is useful for diabetics.
  • Rheumatic and good for neuralgia.
  • Anthelmintic: Removes intestinal parasites, worms and aciduria.
  • Lower fever and soothes headache.
  • Rubbing with eucalyptus essential oil heal wounds and sores, are good for pyorrhea and light burns (assist in the formation of "karkadiou").

Eucalyptus as a herb for colds:

Although colds hassle, take eucalyptus leaves in boiling water leaving atmous fill the room or breathe keeping your head over the pot (after the download of the fire) covered with a towel. You can also take 10-15 drops of essential oil in hot water and make puffs or add to your bath water when you boil some eucalyptus leaves.

Eucalyptus, Alternative Treatment for Insomnia:

If you have insomnia, pour water in your bathtub where you boil eucalyptus leaves with pine needles and twigs of rosemary and thyme. The same "recipe" is also suitable if you suffer from rheumatism.

Eucalyptus leaves for healthy gums and gum disease

If your gums bleed some times or suffer from gingivitis, eucalyptus can help you to troubleshoot. In a cup of water boil some leaves and rinse your mouth after brushing. In the same decoction can also gargle in case of sore throat.

The use of eucalyptus in alternative medicine:

The eucalyptus is a powerful antiseptic and can effectively help in bacterial and viral infections. The effect of eucalyptus is refreshing the skin and antipyretic. It is anti-inflammatory and good for burns and painful joints. Is effective in the treatment of monks, pimples, of head lice and herpes simplex. Its use has effect in an emotional level and stimulates, refreshes, cleanses and stimulates the mind and helps in the treatment of sleepiness. It also helps, in treating colds, Flu, throat infections, sinusitis and headaches, relieves possible, dry cough, tempers dyspnea asthma and bronchitis releasing mucus. Even used against diabetes, intestinal parasites and pyorrhea.

How to use:


Use the essential oil of eucalyptus compresses and pads, inhalations, gargling, evaporators, baths, rubbing and rubbing the chest or massage. However, the use and dosage to be careful because it can irritate a sensitive respiratory system or kidneys. We must also be careful to not touch the insoluble essential oil with skin.

* Decoction: 3 leaves (or a tablespoon if chopped) for each cup of water. Bring to boil water for a minute, remove from heat and leave for 10 minutes, to beat the substances.

Drink 3 cups a day.

A good recipe for inhalations in cases bronchial and sinusitis is to pour in boiling water a ratio of one part Lavender, two parts pine needles and thyme and eucalyptus leaves four parts.

By applying 2-3 times per 24 hours may one to two weeks to see miraculous results.

* Infusion: Soak 25 grams of leaves in a liter of warm water, for 10 minutes.

Drink 3-4 times a day.

Outdoor Use: If we eucalyptus leaves in boiling water and let it fill with vapor the atmosphere of the room not only facilitate breathing grittia judicata or asthmatic, but killed and most staphylococcus bacteria in the air. And protects against infectious diseases.

Other properties of the eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus has O refreshing, refreshing and deodorizing effect on our bodies. Increases alertness us even when we have a high fever. Used in massage in hot form, pain in muscles, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation. The eucalyptus essential oil, renews our minds while increasing our concentration.

The AT-MOI of eucalyptus boiling ionize the atmosphere of the room and make it bearable, as though it is polluted air from the 'cloud'.

Precautions and side effects from using efkalypteleiou

CAUTION! Swallowing pure/concentrated etherial oil eucalyptus, It is dangerous! If one drink 3-5 ml of eucalyptus oil can get nausea and epigastric pain or die within two hours.

Course, cases have been reported and people meeting after dose 20-30 ml. Have not yet researched enough any side effects so concentrated doses.

Generally indoor use in large doses stimulates the kidneys.

The use of eucalyptus and oil of eucalyptus is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

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