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Saxifraga stolonifera

The saxifragka hails from Japan and China and belongs to the family of saxifragkoeidon. Developed and forming a rosette offshoots, from which seedlings emerge. The suckers are long, nematodes red. Red color also have the leaf petioles, while the leaves have lobes with corrugated side and the upper side is dark green melefkes ribs. At the bottom is red with dots. There are varieties Panasou. Summer can pull white stellate flowers.

The saxifragka needs airy environment, bright to semi-shaded, while summer can go outdoors. Winter, if indoors, has no problem with low temperatures, except Panasou varieties. These require temperature 15 the C for at least. You need enough watering, not dry out the soil in the summer, while in winter you have to irrigate infrequently. Lubrication wants any 15 days growth period and transplanting spring.

The saxifragka propagated by suckers, which must, when they have already send roots, be planted in soil.

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