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Bellis perennis cultivars (Daisy flower)

Bellis Perennis
bellis_perenis.jpgDaisies are beautiful plants with two white, pink or combination of two colors, flowers.
Bloom from spring, usually indeed from March, until summer. They fit very well with the flowers and the mimelismonei. It is not demanding as to the location and withstand equally the Sun as a imiskiero part. Only the seed needs light, to germinate. Avoid excessive watering, especially if you fall Frost, Why can freeze because the. Be sure just be their soil nwtismeno. If the metafyteyete each year in new soil, There is no reason to overcrowd with extra fertilizer. The multiplication is done with seeds in the summer.

Margaret is generally easy plant. But it can be attacked by aphids or fungi in fine and soft of stems, especially if exposed for a long time to heat.

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