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petunia.jpgThere are countless varieties of petunias which originates from South America. The chromatic range extends from the White, the pink and shades of red by wonderful blue and purple tones. Equally diverse are the blossoms: large, small, Twin, double, curled or straight. Leave the space to spread their branches undisturbed. Once you get through the cold, take them out in the Sun. Without sunshine flowers don't open. Are sensitive to rain, but is capable of blooming until late fall. A month after planting start with fertilizer every week.

Multiply with seeds.

The easily offended petunias from viruses nicotiana transmitted by the hands or tools or with pathogens. Fight pathogens as early become, disinfect your tools and destroy the diseased plants.

There are varieties for hanging pots and jardinieres,varieties with colorful flowers, or curled varieties µj double blossoms and varieties of dwarf.

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