Herbs like natural complementary means of maintaining health

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The phyto. g recommend to every single page herb, some useful recipes with any herb to relieve and treat the disorders that most often affect us. Each of us starts from birth with a nifty “Save”, health and power reserve, but no one knows how to use it in a balanced way. A healthy body given by the harmony of all bodies, Although associated with systems or different functions, be always tied together. To maintain a good health is necessary to know how to manage our body with wisdom and care and this, If done consistently each day, It is neither very difficult, neither very serious, especially when we have advantages from the good results that we achieve.

The “rules” that we can follow not many and the normal activities of a day.

  • To follow the hours of sleep in proportion with various ages: in an elderly person needs a smaller number of hours than’ What,What a child in full development. In inhuman competing rhythms …modern society of people, sleep is neglected. Often we sleep late “having fun”, sleep little working too.
In Tibetan ancient healing, sleep is “the great healer”
  • mineralsTo follow a healthy and natural diet. Don't need crash diets and obsessive sacrifices IF daily would the excesses: In front of a cheerful lunch with our friends, don't fall in the food, thought to follow a strict diet the next day: the stomach is not a car petrol tank! The Mediterranean diet measure of variety and balance she proved longevity and health to our ancestors. the replaced them with miserable industrial preparations, snack food, tzank food or whatever “cute” the call, only food we should talk.
  • To receive full, always balanced meals at fixed times, and Dodge or "bites" brunch during the day.
  • To execute a daily physical activity.
The weekly …hour of tennis or gym weekly visit serves a little, Instead it is an intense and concentrated on small-time effort that can do more harm than good.

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  • Doing a few minutes of exercise everyday, to climb the stairs walk and use the car only for really long routes, inside is more than sufficient to maintain some flexibility in body and mind.
  • To dodge the irritations and to succeed in dealing with a certain dose of optimism the everyday problems, It's simple rules that contribute to maintain health, except that make easy life in all.
The famous phrase “Healthy mind in healthy body” goes both ways, indicates and vice versa: The body healthy in mind (mental balance) healthy.
  • To respect the hygienic cleaning rules.
  • To protect our body with clothes and shoes suitable for the climate and season.

End well, and since have done anymore to understand the conditions of a natural lifestyle, to drink during the day pleasantly natural herbal beverages, replacing other beverages often harmful…

Many, at this time, I asked for a lemon peel for decoction, If they knew where they come from these fruits and with what cultivated.
The Messegue writes in his books and in sachets of herbs of: "I can say where I collect my the botana and I assure you that they have not undergone any chemical treatment».

With’ this, It is understood that cannot be collected and dried herbs at home. Need, yet, be careful the collection site of herbs and treatments has been the ground, to avoid having to turn the herbs in loud poisons, instead of both healthy drinks.

Maybe in the future, will be “normal” to go to any bar and asking drink a tea malotira, Cretan mountain tea, with honey and lemon

These and other conditions, but in the face of the many unavoidable annoyances enough to entrust the rejuvenating power of nature's herbs. To awaken in the morning with a migraine is something possible, and coffee to swallow two pastilles are even stronger, but nobody thinks his liver and stomach. To prevent disease, It is always better than the cure, especially when the medicines and therapies is none other than reliever obtained without measure. You need to realize the good that we have in our disposal: nature. The treatments with herbs is as such "treatments" rather than lawsuits that are halfway between joke and magic: It is wrong to enter into the world of herbs and use them thinking that the lower down a beverage cannot be never done evil. A thought of this nature is completely wrong and can cause serious damage.

Dosages of recipes with herbs


Marjoram DITTANY

Here is useful even a first general reference at doses, with rather empirically, because herbs are always difficult to talk about grams. It is simple and easy for all preparations. Indeed, It is not clear that eating delicious foods always mean difficult dishes, gravies and sauces· Instead, sometimes even from an unknown vegetable we can make, with a little imagination and some aromatic plant, very pleasant surprises.

For the dosages of prescription mentioned in phyto is recommended to be used, in place of all the scales that do not have, the hand and fingers of grams. Whereas everyone, Apart from exceptional cases, He has his hand in proportion to its physical conformation, the mother who prepares the drink the baby must be logical in doses and instead. So, When talking about pinch, refers to the quantity of the plant (leaves, flowers and roots) held in three fingers (thumbs, index and average) and that corresponds to 2-3 grams of leaves and flowers and 4-5 root grams, bark and rooting. While when talking about handful, We mean about 50 g of product, i.e. two crammed spoons of soup. Like installments seemingly isn't extremely accurate, but few leaves above or some flowers for less (except in cases of purely specific) does not differentiate, course, the adequacy of treatment.

The list of all herbs

We collect any information relating to traditional, age-old known uses of plants, specifically all known therapeutic properties of herbs.

You will find HERE (click) to read the full list of diseases to which helps alternative treatment with herbs, essences, essential oils

An ancient knowledge that verbally passed from generation to generation for ages, but tends to get lost nowadays. If you can fill in any details about a particular plant or essential oil, please leave a reply on a corresponding article, mentioning all that you deem useful. Fill in what you know and we will publish it ASAP. So, in a collective manner, with the contribution of all visitors, we can maintain some of the knowledge and spread to younger generations.

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