Soil acidity – Ph of soil

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Soils, depending on the acidity (ph) divided roughly 3 categories:
1. Acidic soils, with ph of 0 (highly acidic) εως ph 6
2. Neutral soils, with ph of 6 to 8 and
3. Alkali soil (basically), with ph of 8 to 14 (extremely alkaline)

The degree of acidity, It is important, as it determines how easily or not can plants take nutrients from this. Most plants grow best in neutral to slightly acidic soils, with a ph of between 6 – 7. Nevertheless there are species of plants that prefer acid, non-calcareous, territories (e.g.  rhododendrons and some species belonging to the family of erikoeidi) and other (eg. boxwood) they prefer alkaline, calcareous soils.
Soil ph can be measured with special devices (sold in agriculture supply stores and garden tools markets) or with special kits that exist in chemical laboratories equipment shops. If we want to change the acidity of the soil that we intend to cultivate, We can do it either by adding peat moss, compost from needles or acidifying fertilizer, If we want to do more acidic or lime fertilizers, If we want to do it more alkaline