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Rhapis – shelf

The shelf is very charming ornamental plant. It belongs to phoenix and hails from Japan and China. In Europe came in the late 19th century. . The leaves can reach up to 30 centimeters wide and are palmate. It is the only palms that can be grown as bonsai.

Winter wants coolness (5 – 10the C), bright to imiskiero part, little watering and no fertilization. In spring and summer, It may come out in outer space, away from streams. You need enough water and a little, Lightweight summer fertilizer, Once a week. Regularly spray the leaves with soft water. Change pot if you need spring.

Multiplied with parablastimata or with seeds.


Rhapis humilis can reach the 1 meter in height. It has many ntelikata and leaflets.

Phapis rhapsis can reach the 2 meters in height. Has leaves with fewer leaflets (5 – 7)

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