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cichorium_indybus.jpgBotanical name: Roasted the slotted (Cichorium intybus). It belongs to the family of complex (Asteraceoe). Originally from Europe and Asia. Native to answer the ends tondromon, in moorlands and mounds. The height of ftaneimechri 1,50 m, has angular stems and thick fur. Basic fyllaeinaipteroschidi, stem leaves doratoeidikai flowers blue. Tip from July to September.
The radish is already stated in writings of the era of the Pharaohs. The ancient Romans used juice to mix with rose oil and vinegar, as an instrument against headache. Especially in the era of the middle ages ascribed to radish magical powers. Oianthrwpoi believed that become invulnerable by arrows and sharp weapons. At the time of Frederick the great was the kalliergeiatoy radish.
Chicory leaves collected the second time immediately metatinanthisi. The roots can be harvested in the fall or tinanoixi. radish has qualities appetizing, cleansing,dioyritikeskathartikes and slightly sedative. Thewroyntaikalo pikrotonwtiko roots for digester system. The ingredients support the function of the stomach, the toysykwtioy and choliskai also oyrofores clean streets. Preparations from the root are also used sereymatikespathiseis and otin gout. A pad of pulp sheets with anti-inflammatory active in case odynirisdermatikis redness. The tea from chicory root is a mild laxative, suitable for children.