Pteris – fern

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pteris.jpgThe pteris belong to ferns and a very pretty face. The lower surface of the leaves has circumferentially sporangia. The leaves look like large wings. Thrives in moist forests of tropical. The green species prefer a cool, semi-shaded place, in winter 12 “C. The PANAS varieties want more light, at room temperature in summer and winter in 16-18 °C. All of them want a lot of moisture, soft hot water, non-calcareous soil and no currents, moderate watering in summer and winter months less. From April to August pour light fertilizer every 2 weeks and transplant in spring. The multiplication is made by dividing by transplanting or seeds.

Species and varieties

pteris_cretica.jpgPteris cretica is the best known and strongest kind

pteris_cretica_wumsettii.jpgPteris cretica 'Wimsettii’ variety is pale, with a double row of leaves with curly edges. Has no special requirements.

pteris_cretica_albolineata.jpgPteris cretica ‘Albolineata’has broad leaves with white stripe in the middle.

Pteris-Ensiformis.jpg Pteris ensiformis is small and stylish plant.

Pteris-Ensiformis-Evergemiensis.jpg Pteris ensiformis 'Evergemiensis’ with white stripes on the leaves.

pteris_quadriaurita_Argyraea.jpgPteris quadriaurita 'Argyraea’ with white and green stripes.

pteris_tremula.jpgPteris tremula from New Zealand and Australia with large triangular leaves with length 1 m.

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