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Nertera granadensis

The granadenseios Nertera

NERTERA-GRANADENSIS.jpgThe nertera originates from the Andes and owes its name to the arc. ELL. nerteros = low, after rampant development just a few inches above the soil. The spring pulls out tiny white and green flowers, While the August numerous small Orange fruit covering almost the entire light green foliage and maintained as a winter. The nertera wants coolness, light and fresh air, while the winter suffice 10-12 °C.
In the summer you need moderate watering, that would reduce from autumn onwards. Better to water from bottom. Drop of light compost every 4 weeks from March to August. Much compost enhances the growth of leaves at the expense of fruits. The spring metafyteyte in shallow pot. Multiply by dividing, After fall of the fruits of. The multiplication of nerteras should be done in August and September. For the Division of the plant use a sharp knife. The new plant will feel great in muddy soil mixture with humus and sand.

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