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Maranta leuconeura

Wilted or the Marana leuconeura

MARANTA_LEUCONEURA.jpgOriginally from tropical America, belongs to the family of Marantidou and took its name from the Italian physician and botanist Bartholomew Marana. Leaves with striking designs wrap, after dark. The flowers are insignificant appearance. Previously only maintained in the greenhouse, But today we find and indoors. It is suitable for aquaculture. Needs a place bright with warm year round, much moisture as well as stable soil temperature. Irrigate the rich hot, soft water and spray often leaves with humidifier. The summer is necessary to lubricate any 2 weeks. Spring change of pot, if necessary. Propagated by division in spring.

Species and varieties

MARANTA_LEUCONEURA_Massangeana.jpgMassangeana‘: leaves with dark red bottom surface.

MARANTA_LEUCONEURA_Erythroneura.jpgErythroneura’ (erythronefros): emerald green leaves with red transverse ribs.

MARANTA_bicolor.jpg Maranta bicolor: brown spots, lightest middle lane, purple-red underside.

MARANTA_arundinacea.jpgMaranta arundinacea: has tuberous roots and is edible tropical species.

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