Essential oil of lemon

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013.jpgObtained by pressure of the shell of mature fruit of the plant Citruslimonum. About 3.000 lemons needed to prepare an essential oil kg. It is a very good astringent. Used in very oily skin and problems of youthful skin. It has antiseptic properties and athmostatikes, lowers blood pressure, helps in case of fever and colds and strengthens the body's defenses. Add it to the bathroom freshening, rest and relaxation. Useful for the removal of calluses. Equally good in the bathroom so before bedtime and for the start of the day. Aromatizing space gives mental clarity and removes unpleasant odors. When using lemon essential oil externally, it is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun, because it is possible to cause skin irritation and blemishes on the skin.

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