Cactus revoutia

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Κάκτος Rebutia

Very beautiful cacti from South America. Grow in rock crevices and steppes, even 3.500 meters altitude. Reaching their 8 points. They have soft spines with speirioeidi provision. Developed strongly from the base and soon the plants form groups. They feature spectacular blooms, in different colors, red, white, purple, portokalikai yellow. Appear even in young plants, from the side of the plant.

The revoutia has a bright place near the window. The area must be well ventilated. Needs protection from the midday sun. Winter needs some light and fresh atmosphere with temperature 5the C. The winter does not want any watering, spring and autumn wants light and regular watering in summer. Summer needs fertilizer for cacti each 20 days about. When it is very hot need sprinkling. When necessary, transplant it into a larger pot with fluffy soil.

Propagated by division and seeds.

Species and varieties:

Rebutia marsoneri with yellow flowers

Rebutia senilis Plakoutses with white thorns and flowers anoichtokokkina, and variations in other colors

Rebutia violaciflora with purple flowers

Rebutia pygmaea dwarf plant