Homemade natural cosmetics – Facial masks

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Face masks provide skin freshness and hydration. The effect may, depending on the ingredients can be uplifting or calming. Before entering the mask, the person must be clean. When made face masks and generally handmade cosmetics, make small quantities, to be used as soon as possible. That excess must be placed in an opaque jar and stored in the refrigerator.
These masks come with a brush, initially in the jaw, after the front end and the nose and cheeks. Eyes, eyebrows and mouth should not be covered with a mask. After leaving the mask the right time, removed with hot water.

Moisturizing mask: Mix 1 tablespoon lukewarm honey, 3 tablespoons Apricot, 3 tablespoons ground almonds, 2 drops orange oil, 2 drops of patchouli oil and 2 Calendula oil drops. Apply mask to face, leave it 10 minutes and rinse with hot water.

Mask: Mix 2 tablespoons therapeutic mud, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 1 drop of oil of bergamot, 2 drops of geranium oil, 3 drops of lavender oil and a little hot water. Smooth over face, let 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Mask for breakfast cleaning oily skin: Mix a little hot water 2 tablespoons of clay and a drop of oil of rosemary. Smooth over face, let 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

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