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Althaea-officinalis.jpgBotanical name: ALTHEA medication (Althaea officinalis), belongs to family of malachwdwn (Malvaceae). Originating from the area around the Caspian and Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. It thrives in moist soils, rich in salt. Also answered as farmable plant. Reaches a height of up to 1,50 m. It has leaves with jagged notches and flowers white. It blooms from June to August.
The dendromolocha (or neromolocha) used since antiquity, and was grown in the gardens of monasteries in the middle ages. According to narrations of the Greek philosopher Theophrastus the mixture dendromolochas and wine was considered in ancient times tested remedy against coughs. The root was being marketed as a remedy for sore throats.
Parts of the plant: Collected mainly the root of the plant, which contains the highest percentage of active ingredients. Also used the leaves and flowers.

Properties: Thanks to the high content of mucus the dendromolocha reduces the irritation and has antiflegmonikes, apochremtttikes and slightly laxative properties.

Use: Due to its high content of mucus the dendromolocha an effective tool for respiratory diseases. The inflammations of the mucous membranes and gastrointestinal tract relieved, because the mucus placed on inflamed areas. The dendromolocha is a remedy against coughing especially for toddlers. This also produced ointments for ascetics and abscesses and dental solutions. In the case of sunburn from the Sun helps a egchyma from leaves or root pieces.

Therapeutic properties

The ALTHEA is used for antibichikes, demulcent and anti-inflammatory properties of. It alleviates muscle pains, eliminates the bruises, ripens abscesses, combats oylitides and thrush, Heals wounds. Helps tired kidneys, combats constipation, soothes irritations. It is beneficial in inflammation and digestive diseases (stomatitis, pharyngitis, stomach ulcer, intestines), respiratory (laryngitis, angina pectoris, bronchitis) and urinary tract (cystitis, gravel , kidney stones).
Fights intense and dry coughs and colds and acts as a mild expectorant .

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