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Photo: Grigoris Deoudis

Aconite in napello, Aconite in ranoykoylofyllo, Aconite in lykoktono. [ Aconitum napellus L ] Poisonous plant, known in Greece since the days of fabulous years. It is speculated that it was used as the hemlock, for the execution of the condemned to death, While the juice used to manufacture poison, in which embaptizan arrows and swords.

Reaches a height of up to 2 meters, the stem is fluffy on top and oblong leaves, while giving flowers blue, white or purple. Because it is powerful toxic plant should be used with much care and doctor's advice in this case is absolutely necessary.


The plant contains alkaloids of diterpenikis group (napelini, akonitini) and flabonika glycosides, loyteolini and apigenin. Even, contains proteins, chlorophyll, candle, gum, Malic acid and akonitiko acid.
The aconite is the most poisonous plant in Europe, because of the akonitinis that contains, which comes in second place after the nepalini, the alkaloid extracted from the plant Aconitum ferox wall of Nepal, that is considered the most potent natural dilitirio.

Just think that a dose 2-4 g, fresh tuber, containing 3-6 mg akonitini, a lethal dose for humans.

As a therapeutic instrument using extract from the leaves and the root of, without drainage, in many pathological cases, such as rheumatism, whooping cough, the nervous cough, the arthritis, the pharyngitis, the flu, Angina and other. Substances containing aconite is too many and very useful in pharmaceutical industry.

Despite the fact that it is poisonous, the aconite is located in top of treatment plants, as long as the use of done in the proper way, with the proper preparation and in appropriate quantities.

It is well powerful anesthetic in some neuralgias (sciatica) and febrifuge at illnesses from colds. Even, used in the treatment chronic skin diseases, on ribs, at facial neuralgia and odontalgies, observation of nature on migraines, where kofwsis (without organic damage) and in cases of angina pectoris. Also recommended by nerve pulses or rheumatic pains and heart hypertrophy, in lung diseases (asthma, whooping cough, the nervous cough).

It is diaphoretic and effective against dropsy, of acute rheumatism, pharyngitis, flu and acute arthritis.


Photo: José M. Escolano

Considered to have anti-cancer properties.


IT is FORBIDDEN not to catch fish with your bare hands, because the poison infiltrates into the skin. And the simple contact with the plant (flowers e.g.), can cause severe poisoning and topicals.

The poisoning occurs quickly. Symptoms appear after a few minutes and death occurs in 30-45 minutes .
The plant should be used with great caution and care and the medical directive is necessary .

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