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The genus comprises annual and perennial herbs and flowers or shrubs that come from tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. The main types of species are grown as annual plants with intense flowering from late spring until the first cold of winter with a predominantly blue and purple flowers. Plant perennials in mild climates . The leaves are heart-shaped and grow in enalagi on numerous shoots of , that grow from the base of the plant . Plant height 20-30 cm , but many varieties arrive and 70 cm

Flowering : Flowers in shades of blue to violet and white, in apical inflorescences, composite type head with many small flowers form radial . Presents prolonged blooming throughout the warm season . The flowering hybrids is very rich and almost eliminates plant foliage, outperforming the.

Growing agiratoy :

Propagated by seeds . Sown in February-March in the greenhouses nurseries and transplanted in May-June . The seeds need about eight to ten weeks to transplanting them . Topping when young seedlings are in style 6-8 cm offers richly branching and more flowering . Many times tipping are 2 times .

In gardening we use in pots , planters , and garden block , for mulch , in rock gardens and for low season edging . Flower gardens containing Agirato is very impressive . The flowers are preserved as much and cut into vases .

Cultivation requirements: Has no special requirements on the ground . It can grow in semi-shaded spots , prefers sunny . Wants several waterings in summer , not withstand drought and cold . Durable in coastal areas .

Properties and utility :

The Yarrow is one of the most popular medicinal herbs for fever and eliminating toxins. In China, used raw as a poultice for healing wounds. Can also be prepared to extract wounds, chapped skin and rashes, and a mouthwash on inflamed gums.

Decorative value: The very rich and prolonged flowering .

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